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SPIED: Merc’s Next-Gen Compact Luxury Models Coming This Year

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Sharply angled headlights and a tall trunk lid are visible on the three prototypes that were spied, and one interesting detail is that some had conventional door handles while others had flush door handles which pop out; the latter item will likely be an optional feature.

Unless Mercedes drops its EQ naming convention for EVs, the EQA would follow a familiar pattern, where the name is followed by the Sedan or SUV descriptor based on the body style. An EQA SUV has already been shown with outputs of up to 268 horsepower and a range of over 310 miles. Both these figures should be improved for the presumably lighter, more aerodynamic EQA sedan if it has the same motors.

Although we initially expected the EQA sedan to only show its face in 2024, the latest comments from Kallenius lead us to believe that we may even see it by the end of this year. It will form part of the Entry Luxury group of Mercedes models that will be culled from seven (in Europe) to four body styles.

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