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Tesla Model 2 Prototype Spied For The First Time


Then again, it’s entirely plausible that an eccentric Mazda CX-30 owner has paid someone to convert their Japanese crossover into something that resembles a Tesla. It’s more likely that this is a test mule for the upcoming entry-level vehicle, which Musk said will produce more volume than “all of Tesla’s other vehicles combined.”

As for when this mystery Tesla arrives, we’re not sure. It will certainly appeal to a large audience for whom a Tesla was once out of reach. However, it will face many challenges, one being the upcoming Volkswagen compact electric vehicle that is rumored to use the Golf name.

Still, it’s just the thing the American automotive market needs, and will undoubtedly play a big role in getting people to adopt EVs in the near future. Now, let’s just hope it isn’t faced with the same delays the Cybertruck had to contend with.



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