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New Mercedes-AMG GT Tackles Snow And Ice For Final Testing Before Reveal

While we don’t have any details, the delightful V8 rumble omitted by this prototype suggests the latest model will be offered with a base eight-cylinder engine. We already know a feistier plug-in hybrid derivative will be offered with, potentially, 831 horsepower.

Despite the similar shape and size, the latest AMG GT will have space for up to four occupants. The rear seats will probably only be capable of carrying small children small distances, but it will add more practicality into the mix and suggests the vehicle will actually live up to its GT “grand tourer” name.

We anticipate the interior will be shared with the SL, but hopefully, Mercedes will make a few changes to differentiate the two models from each other.

CarSpyMedia/YouTube CarSpyMedia/YouTube

Images of the new AMG GT have already surfaced, with an online leak giving us our first look at the vehicle’s front end.

We expect the V8 models to launch in the US at first, with the mighty plug-in hybrid model to follow at a later date. We’re not sure whether the AMG GT will receive the turbocharged four-pot that does duty in the SL 43 but, if that’s the case, it almost certainly won’t arrive in the USA.

Even though downsizing is the norm, we can’t see AMG putting a four-cylinder in its halo car.

Elsewhere in the video, we can also spot the new GLC 63 AMG, the latest high-performance SUV from the Stuttgart-based brand. As for when these vehicles will debut, we’re not sure, but we expect both to hit the scene before the end of 2023.

CarSpyMedia/YouTube CarSpyMedia/YouTube


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