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BMW M Quad Motor Prototype Hits The Snow To Test Electric M3 Powertrain

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Previously, we’ve only seen the prototype sitting in a trailer but now we get to see it in the wild and, by the look of it, with a driver having fun. It’s based on the dual-motor i4 M50’s body but with an M4 CSL grille and widened arches to cover a wider wheel track. We’ve wondered if it might actually be a production-ready M division i4 that could slot in above the i4 M60, but that already makes 610 horsepower, and BMW has to look to the future and preserve the evolution, and ultimately the legacy of the M3.

Through whispers in dark corners, we’ve heard horsepower numbers of 1,000 and 1,200. If those numbers are true, BMW will like hold that back for a supercar. It would be too much for a street-based sedan – even an M3 or M4.

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