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Spied: LiDAR-Equipped Genesis G90 Has Mercedes S-Class In Its Sights

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On the new G90, the LiDAR sensors – which will support automatic lane changes – are positioned in the grille, not far from the headlights. By comparison, the new Volvo EX90 also has a LiDAR sensor mounted on its roof. While the camo may be hiding more than just the sensors on this G90, this seems unlikely, and the rest of the car looks very much like the current G90 on sale.

While the accuracy of LiDAR is undeniable, the tech isn’t perfect. A recent study highlighted how a LiDAR-equipped vehicle could be easily “blinded” using a relatively simple laser-based tool, severely compromising many of its detection capabilities. This shouldn’t be a problem in most real-world scenarios but points to a potential vulnerability of LiDAR systems.

The upgraded G90 with LiDAR will hopefully debut later this year.

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